In Nigeria, the demand for affordable smartphones is ever-growing, and one of the avenues many savvy buyers explore is purchasing UK used phones. These devices, sourced from the United Kingdom, offer an attractive option for individuals looking to own high-quality smartphones without breaking the bank.

This article gathers a list of online platforms where you can buy UK used phones in Nigeria. While many of these platforms have physical stores in Lagos, Abuja, Benin or Port Harcourt, they offer nationwide delivery services. However, it’s important to note that the buyer is responsible for covering the delivery costs.

Understanding the Market

The market for UK used phones in Nigeria is influenced by various factors, including affordability, availability of spare parts, and the desire for quality devices. Buyers can find a range of options, from popular brands like Apple, Huawei, Redmi and Samsung to niche models with specific features.


Researching Reliable Sellers

How To Buy Cheap UK Used Phones in Nigeria

When considering purchasing a UK used phone, it’s crucial to research reputable sellers. Online platforms such as e-commerce websites and dedicated marketplaces offer a wide selection of devices. However, buyers should exercise caution and verify the seller’s credibility before making a purchase.

Here are some places you can get a UK used phones:

Affordablephonesng: They offer a wide range of mobile devices, including iPhones, Samsung phones, Huawei, and more. They sell both new and fairly used devices. Products labeled as “Used” on the platform are UK used or pre-owned, while unlabeled products are brand new.

UsedPhones: Unlike other platforms, this particular platform focuses exclusively on selling fairly used devices. Their website offers “clean, quality, and affordable London used Phones.” They feature a variety of products, including different iPhone versions, Tecno phones, and Samsung devices.

Jiji: You can find a wide range of “used” items on Jiji, including UK used phones. A simple search on the platform will display vendors and individuals selling these products, organized by location.

Instagram/Facebook: The social networking platform, serves as an excellent marketplace for purchasing UK used phones in Nigeria. Many sellers showcase their products through Instagram profiles and Facebook pages, making it convenient for buyers. The sellers are often dispersed by location, so a quick search on the platform is likely to yield results for fairly used phone vendors in your city.

Assessing the Condition

Before finalizing a purchase, buyers should thoroughly assess the condition of the phone. This includes checking for physical damage, examining the battery health, and ensuring that all essential features are in working order. By carefully inspecting the device, buyers can avoid potential issues down the line.

Negotiating the Price

Negotiating the price is an essential step in securing a good deal on a UK used phone. Buyers should be prepared to haggle and leverage factors such as the phone’s condition, market value, and any additional accessories included in the sale. Setting a budget beforehand can help buyers stay within their financial means.

Ensuring Authenticity and Functionality

Verifying the authenticity of the phone is paramount to avoid purchasing counterfeit or stolen devices. Buyers should request proof of purchase and conduct background checks on the device’s history. Additionally, testing the functionality of essential features such as the camera, touchscreen, and connectivity ensures a satisfactory purchase.

Understanding Warranty and Return Policies

Before making a purchase, buyers should familiarize themselves with the seller’s warranty and return policies. This includes understanding the duration of coverage, any exclusions or limitations, and the procedure for initiating a return or seeking repairs. Clear communication with the seller can prevent misunderstandings and ensure a smooth transaction.

Finalizing the Purchase

Once satisfied with the condition and authenticity of the phone, buyers can proceed to finalize the purchase. This involves securely completing the transaction, whether through online payment methods or in-person exchanges. After receiving the device, buyers should confirm its receipt and verify that it meets their expectations.


Purchasing cheap UK used phones in Nigeria offers an accessible way to own quality smartphones at affordable prices. By researching reliable sellers, assessing the condition of the device, and negotiating the price, buyers can make informed decisions and secure a satisfactory purchase.


Is it safe to buy UK used phones in Nigeria? Yes, it can be safe to buy UK used phones in Nigeria, provided buyers take precautions such as researching reputable sellers and verifying the authenticity of the devices.

How can I avoid purchasing stolen phones? To avoid purchasing stolen phones, buyers should request proof of purchase and conduct background checks on the device’s history before finalizing the purchase.

Can I return a used phone if I’m not satisfied with it? Return policies vary between sellers, so it’s essential to clarify the terms and conditions before making a purchase. Some sellers may offer a return or exchange period for defective or unsatisfactory devices.

Are there any risks associated with buying UK used phones online? While buying UK used phones online offers convenience, there are risks such as receiving counterfeit or damaged devices. Buyers should thoroughly research sellers and read reviews to mitigate these risks.

What should I do if the phone develops problems after purchase? If the phone develops problems after purchase, buyers should refer to the seller’s warranty and return policies. Depending on the terms, they may be eligible for repairs, replacements, or refunds.

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